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Jacob here! I regret to say it has been WAY too long since we’ve posted on the blog. Things have been moving along quickly, and we’ve been busier now than we’ve ever been before. We’ve done some great Southern Utah social media, website design, and branding. We’ve picked up some great new clients, smashed personal best records with existing customers, and even added a squad of bouncing baby interns (more on them later)!

One thing we’ve picked up on is the lack of great southern Utah social media presences. Social media in a company’s marketing strategy is paramount and here’s why.

When Do You Think This Is, 2004?

Back in the early days of online digital marketing, the majority of advertising was done using Google advertisements. You know, the annoying banner images that blink and bother you while you’re trying to keep up with the Kardashian’s on trashy tabloid sites? While at the time, this was an effective way of marketing your product or service. But, this area has become very crowded and saturated lately. We as a human species have pretty much evolved beyond being enticed by banner ads, and we ignore them completely. Hence the reason companies are turning to using a scantily clad Kate Upton to promote their dumb mobile game (PS, this worked FANTASTICALLY). Companies had to turn to new ways to reach their target market, slipping in advertising where they could. Enter the world of social media.

Facebook; More than Just Minion Memes and Political Rants.

When social media began, people saw it as nothing more than an extension of myspace, and other “chat-room” like services. What began as a simple place to upload basic information about yourself, turned into a complete way of life. I can stay in touch with my friends in the Netherlands, and see what they’re up to without ever even speaking to their face. Businesses saw this as a way to get their product or service in front of users while they were participating in every day “social” interactions. Facebook pages were created as a way for companies to create profiles that users could follow to see what the company was up to, what sales they might have, and follow their development as a business. Facebook has turned into a global marketplace of businesses generating the company over $35,000,000 a DAY from advertising alone. Right behind it are the giants of Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more.

When your Social Channels are a Sad and Lonely Ghost Town.

If you’re a business owner, and you have no presence on social media these days, people look at that absence as a major concern when researching your business. Having no channels brings thoughts to users like, “are they even a legitimate business?”, “They must be seriously old fashioned”, or “These poor guys must be doing terribly”. Even if you have the social channels, if you haven’t posted in a few months, it looks just as bad. It sends a message that you don’t care about interacting with your audience and customers. It makes you look closed off or inactive. Some would even say it’s a sign of incompetence in business. In addition to your audience’s assumption of a lack of social media presence, by not being active online, you are missing a MASSIVE chance to reach your customers and target your audience with incredible precision. Social media advertising uses incredible resources to pinpoint your audience, their age, gender, interests, and location so you know that you are getting in front of the RIGHT people. The insights and statistics that can be provided by social media marketing give you a very clear idea on where your money and time is spent, and even suggests changes to be made to make a greater impact.

Social Media? Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Dat!

So yeah, social media is important. It can make or break your image. It can help you spend your marketing money in an effective and strategic way. The benefits above that of traditional marketing of radio, tv, newspaper, and others is astronomical. But as a business owner, who seriously has time to manage all that? To sit down, make posts, and engage with your audience, while developing your brand and targeting your customers is a full-time job. So, what do you do? Enter Venture Creative. Our team of professional and experienced Brand Ambassadors live and breathe Southern Utah social media. Their job is to take your product or service, and serve it up in cool and unique ways to as many people in your target audience as they can. They work tirelessly to build your following, respond to your fans and improve your overall image. Venture Creative also specializes in developing paid advertising that is precise down to the basic interests of your target. We deliver in-depth reports that let you know where you stand with your social media, and we suggest changes to make to steer your brand in the right direction. You can get all this, for less than hiring a full-time employee to manage everything. So seriously, let us resurrect your brand, and breathe life into your advertising. Get in touch today to learn more!

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