Becoming a Social Media Master

Ah, social media. You either love it or hate it. Or maybe it’s just a combo of both? Regardless of your hatred toward your weird aunt’s CONSTANT posting of annoying “Minions” memes or your love of keeping up to date on what your favorite celebrity had for Sunday brunch, social media marketing is proving to be an absolute game changer for businesses everywhere. Lets take a look at social media marketing advantages and what you can do to better stake your claim in this new field of marketing.


Traditional marketing often had businesses using a shotgun approach to getting their product or services known to the market. Radio, television and print ads are often seen by a wide audience with very different wants needs and tastes. Traditional marketing would hope that some of the people within range of that particular advertisement would fit nicely into their target audience and would be enticed by the advertisement. Social media has the awesome ability to really hone in on your target and cater directly to their wants and needs. Facebook allows business owners to set up pages with keywords directly linking to their business. The ever famous “hashtag” also allows business owners to use a variety of keywords target audiences would be searching for within their interest. As an example, If you owned a photography business, selling lenses, tripods and other photography equipment, not only could you set up a page for photography enthusiasts, you could go even further with a niche and focus on “Urban Photography” or “Landscape Photography” with your pages. Hashtags could include #photography #landscape  #lenses and #tripods, ensuring people interested in any of those subjects would be able to find your content easier.


Another beauty of social media marketing is depending on your marketing strategy and investment, social media can be an absolutely free advertising platform for your business. It costs nothing to set up a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google Plus account, and these companies don’t charge you anything to post. There is the option to produce paid advertisements on any of these platforms which allow business owners to really target their audience even further. When creating the advertisement, users can determine in what cities, states or countries they want their advertisement to be seen, what interests and keywords their demographic might be searching for online and even target audiences ages. While this can become an effective marketing tool, using social media without paid advertisement absolutely works as well. Another massive benefit to businesses is the free analytics most of these platforms give to business owners, letting them see how many people have seen their content, the demographic of those users and what has been most effective amongst all their content in getting seen. Whatever platform you are using, be sure to post consistently, even if its only once a week. Users want to trust when they can expect new content from you, and consistency is key to building a great audience.


Social media gives business owners the unique opportunity of interacting closely with customers and even potential customers uniquely, building a relationship even before they click over to your website or visit your business. Companies can test audience’s interaction with product, build hype for upcoming events and even gain meaningful feedback from their market. When posting to social media, frequently post open questions or opportunities for your audience to engage with you and post replies. Whether you are showing off a product image with the caption, “What do you think of our new ___?” or posting articles and content that your audience identifies with, engaging with your market can be done from your laptop and you can gain meaningful interaction and feedback without ever making a single phone call or sending out an email.


Trade in your fishing pole for a net, you’re going to bring in a lot more customers online through your social media use. The idea of having multiple platforms that your company exists on allows you to create a funnel effect that brings in potential customers from many places around the web. Users could be coming from Pinterest, after repinning a pin your company made. Others saw your awesome photograph on Instagram while others still are laughing at your relatable tweet about your business. All of these users need some place to go following their engagement with your content. The key here is to have a call to action. The most common would be to have a link to your website or another way to contact you, either by phone or email. Funneling all these customers to your website allows a wider audience to find you online. The principle here is that the more there is of you on the web, the easier it is to find you. You’ll find that this is a snowball effect, the more of your business content exists the more potential customers you’ll bring in. So make sure on each post or platform users have a clear way of learning more or contacting you, and remember the more platforms your business is featured on, the more potential clients will see your content.

The hardest things for companies to do in this new world of social media is keep up this posting and engagement with their audiences. Posting consistently, engaging with the market and analyzing the feedback data is time consuming and can easily take enough time for a full time position. Eliminate this bottleneck by having Venture Creative take care of your social media for you. Not only do we produce awesome content for your audience and engage with your market, we provide you with meaningful analytics weekly that let you see what users have interacted with most and then hone in on those strengths. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can sit back and watch your business advertise itself, leaving you more time to watch cat videos online. Lets be honest, that is at least half the purpose of social media right? I mean look at this little guy. How would we even know he existed without Instagram?! Until next week, KEEP IT REAL!


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