We’re Moving! Venture Creative Studios Moving to St. George Utah, September 1st, 2017.

Hey! Jacob Amundsen here, with some incredible news about the company. We’ve been pretty quiet on the social channels lately. Not only have we been slammed doing some incredible work with people like Imagine Dragons, (more on that later!) we have also been organizing the company and planning out it’s future. When I started Venture Creative Studios back in March, I had no idea we would move along this quickly in company development. What started as a brand name for me to work independently under, has grown into a full fledged business with contract photographers, writers and social media managers.

Another thing I never anticipated was the location of the client base. Being here in Salt Lake City, there is a high volume of advertising agencies to choose from and although the market is pretty saturated, there is always someone that needs a website, a logo, or some social media work done. However, almost exclusively, nearly all of our clients are based in Southern Utah. Exploring the market further, we’ve come to realize there really is no “one-stop-shop” for companies to rely on for their marketing and advertising needs in St. George.

Enter Venture Creative Studios. In planning out the future of the company we have decided to make St. George Utah our home. Our goal is to become Southern Utah’s premiere agency for all things marketing. We want to partner with incredible small businesses in the Southern Utah area to help them find their story and discover their identity. We hope to work closely with Dixie State University to recruit talented individuals and help train them within internship opportunities to prepare them to meet the rising bar for jobs within the communication, design and marketing fields.¬†With a small office space waiting for us on Bluff Street, we hope to be hiring interns this January.

Although I know I will miss Salt Lake City and the incredible people that have trusted Venture Creative Studios to carry their message and develop their brand, this doesn’t mean we will cease to work with people up here. The beauty of the digital age means we can perform all of our marketing and advertising duties remotely, and we plan on coming up north frequently to maintain these relationships.

To those of you who have given us your business, thank you. Venture Creative Studios has become more than I could have imagined in such a short time. To those of you in Southern Utah, watch out! We’re about to storm the town. As we get ready to move the business (and ourselves!) down to St. George, keep a look out on the social channels to see our progress. Come and visit us in our new office, and together let’s make Venture Creative Southern Utah’s One-stop-shop for all things advertising and marketing! Peace!

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