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This year, Venture Creative Studios had the incredible chance to work closely with world renowned musical phenomenon, Imagine Dragons. Lead singer Dan Reynolds started a foundation called LOVELOUD, aimed at raising awareness to suicide prevention in LGBTQ teens and promoting understanding, acceptance and love, no matter the personal belief or orientation of others. With LOVELOUD, Dan and his band, Imagine Dragons, put on a massive music festival on August 26th in Orem, Utah to an absolute sell-out crowd of thousands. We were contracted to put together the LOVELOUD brand for Dan and his team. The brand focuses on the geometric heart that fits perfectly in the spectrum of design used by superstars like Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees, both featured at the festival. The iconic rainbow color palette is well known for its affiliation with LGBTQ but also has unique enough hues to stand out on its own. After developing the logo and brand, in partnership with LOVELOUD’s team, posters, banners, t-shirts, jewelry, advertisements, stage designs and more were developed to back the festival, to massive success. Dan hopes to hold the festival annually and continue the fight for understanding and love amongst all communities, no matter their belief.