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Beckstrom Orthodontics is a great example on what can happen when you breathe a little life into your advertising and marketing. When we came on board, Beckstrom Orthodontics had a website, although not at its best. Their social media presence was there, but lacking professionalism and engagement. Our goal was to flip their image upside down. We provided them with a brand new, up to date website that focuses on the patients, the staff and the office, letting users get to know the establishment before ever setting foot inside it! We developed a short promo video that toured the office and featured cute patients and their testimonials. Lastly, we created a solid social media campaign that focused on events and opportunities to engage with the company while promoting their services and abilities. Within a few months, results became clear. More patients were beginning treatment after finding the website, or engaging with the content on social media. Numerous positive reviews have come flooding in and Beckstrom Orthodontics has become a serious competitor in the Orthodontic world in Southern Utah. Head over to their website to see what they’re all about!